Most of our customers’ administrators ask us: How can a BizTalk Server be managed from anywhere anytime?

This is why we developed the QUIBIS Admin App

The QUIBIS Admin App enables you to administer your BizTalk Servers from your mobile device. It is possible to start or stop send-ports, orchestrations, hosts, etc. directly from your Windows Phone. Check the status of your messages with the new mobile app from QUIBIQ.

With QUIBIS Admin you have access to your BizTalk anytime, anywhere.

QUIBIS Admin App for Windows Phone functionality:

  • Group Hub
  • Hosts (Status, Start, Stop)
  • Applications (Status, Start, Stop)
  • Messages (Status, Start, Stop)
  • Orchestrations (Status, Start, Stop)
  • Send- and Receive-Ports (Status, Start, Stop)
  • Queries (with details)

Install the QUIBIS Admin App from the Microsoft App store. Your will find it by searching for “QUIBIQ” or “QUIBIS” or “BizTalk”. A server side QUIBIS Admin App BizTalkOperations Service is used to securely connect your Windows Phone App with your BizTalk Servers. Download the QUIBIS Admin App and the BizTalkOperations Service from


  • BizTalk 2013
  • BizTalk 2010
  • Windows Phone 8 or higher


If you need assistance just contact me