Microsoft has announced the release if the newest version of BizTalk  (BizTalk Server 2013).

Attention!: New licensing model

The old processor licensing got replaced by the new core liecensing in  version 2013 of Microsoft BizTalk Server. Meanwhile the mobility of this license got linked to excisting software assurance.

Possible Consequences

All BizTalk Server customers will be affected by this change except they maintain their BizTalk in the enterprise agreement until it needs to be extended.


In this case we recommend you urgently to check not only your current but the intended BizTalk architecture – not only the technical aspects but especially license-strategic. Because of very good experience in licensing big and complex BizTalk solutions we recommend you the licensing expert CRAYON. A BizTalk-Server-Licensing-Adviser of CRAYON can prevent possible bigger expenses by checking your licensing situation properly and just in case by showing alternative licensing possibilities.

You can reach CRAYON at 089-678 046 50 or at